Monday 15 April 2024

Ghosts in a gas station

I spent my early 20's traveling a ton. I worked part time with a imported car company that did shows all over the south. Several times a year I would drive from Florida to Kentucky, Tennessee to Georgia, all over the place. Often these trips I would end up taking some strage country or county roads to avoid highways early in the morning. The worst drive of my life 3 things happened that I can't explain. The first happened around 1am. My GPS tells me to take the most sudden exit onto a side road off the interstate. It's nothing but farm land and trees but my GOS swears its a shortcut. I'm cruising for 5 minutes or so when an old mustang pulled up behind me flashing their lights. They rode my bumper for about 15 minutes, but there was nowhere to pull off in the middle of all the country side. They revved up and I thought they were finally going to pass me being as there was no oncoming traffic- we were the only ones on the road for miles... but the car never passed me. I physically turned my head to check my blind spot and the car was gone. There was no turn off or area for them to have pulled over it just straight up disappeared. When I got back on the interstate 30 minutes had passed but I was right back at the same exit I had taken to get off. I had been on a long, straight, dark road for 30 minutes and ended up exactly where I had started. 

A couple hour pass and I'm now 10 hours into my drive and only 2 hours from my home. I turn off the interstate onto a county road that leads to the highway my house was on. It was a local short cut I had taken many many times only about 2 cities over from my own. It was a little after 3am. I go for a cigarette to keep me awake the last leg of the ride, and my lighter runs out. As I'm fixing to put the cigarette back in the pack I pass a poorly light gas station. Perfect! I pulled into the parking lot and decided to fill up. While I'm at the pump I notice inside there are 2 people. An old memaw looking woman in a mumu at the register, and a big ol'red neck fella in overalls in the aisle. Theyre facing each other like they're in a conversation but neither of them are moving. I make my way cautiously inside and approach the register looking for a Bic lighter. I didnt see any so I asked the woman at the front if she had any. She looked at me like I was from Mars! I tried to explain I just wanted a lighter for my cigarettes and she goes "oh! I have matches if that's what you're looking for" she hands me a box of matches and doesn't charge me for them. I thank her and turn to leave when I realise the man on the overalls still hasn't moved, but I can feel him watching me. I'm 19 or 20 years old and 125 lbs soaking wet at this point in my life. The hair on the back of my neck is standing straight up and my brain is yelling at me to get the hell outta there. I quickly make it to my car and THE EXACT moment I turn on my engine, every light in that gas station goes off. Inside, outside, the pumps, the street light. It's pitch black except for my headlights. My tires squealed I tore out of that parking lot so fast. I kept that box of matches for years to solidify in my mind that that experience actually happened. Everytime I went back on that county road I searched for that gas station, and never saw it again. 

At this point I'm not 45 minutes away from the state line and an hour from my comfy bed. I'm freaked out and beyond exhausted. I had been up for 2 days and could go cross-eyed I had been staring at the road so long. I'm still on the same road but am a long way from the gas station and I'm still trying to put it out of my mind, when all of a sudden I see blue lights behind me. Now, my father was a police officer for 26 years. I remember the year police card went from the old school rotations lights to the new LED bar lights. This hellacious road trip was probably around 2016, and behind me was the old school rotating light. It was too dark to see what kind of car they sat on, I just saw blue. I luckily had a friend who was a sheriff deputy a couple cities over and called him, knowing he worked night shifts and would still be awake. I asked him if he knew of any departments that still used these old lights and he told me noone in the entire state has them. He told me to keep driving until I saw a public spot to pull over but absolutely not to stop on the dark side of the road. I drove for a solid 30 minutes keeping my friend on the phone with me, the blue lights trailing behind me the whole way. I finally hit the cross road where the county road meets the highway. I'm almost 20 minutes from my house. I pulled into a very well lit gas station at the intersection- a gas station that I stopped at almost daily on my way to work and felt very comfortable at. The blue lights behind me suddenly cut off, and the car sped off too fast for me to get the license plate or a good description. 

I went inside the gas station, bought a redbull and a pack of smokes from the little lady at the gas station whose familiar face and friendly smile felt like a warm welcome back to reality. 

I got home that morning and checked all my doors several times before falling asleep. Soone after I quit traveling with the car show. To this day I hate driving by myself. I always bring a friend or my dog on long road trips. And no matter what the GPS says I stay on the highways and interstates. I have only told this story to 2 or 3 people over the years in fear of people not believing me. I still swear I fell into a time warp, or maybe the twilight zone. I'm now married to my police officer friend and he very clearly remembers that night as he was on the phone with me several times through out the night. We've only talked about it once.

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Someone Touched Me

 Our youngest granddaughter "at two and a half years old" is the center of attention for the whole family. Being the only child and the youngest of 7 grandchildren, most of her cousins treat her like a younger sister. It's hard for our daughter raising her by herself, since her father passed away unexpectedly before my granddaughter could meet him. 

So while my daughter works my wife watches her either at our house or hers. So this incident was told to me by my wife. A few days ago they were at my daughter's apartment. Her and the granddaughter were sitting on the sofa "my wife on one end the granddaughter on the other" they were watching cartoons and the granddaughter was eating a pudding cup. when all of a sudden she jumped up and yelled "gran gran someone just touched me"

My wife asked "where?" And she replied "on my back" and pointed to where she was touched. Mind you this is a very small apartment and the sofa is a large L shaped sofa. No one else was there and they have no pets and my wife was not with in reach of her. So what was it? Was she touched by her father? Or something else? 

Just in case my daughter saged the apartment and ask anything or anyone there to leave. So hopefully this won't happen again.

True account.

Danny Garvin

Saturday 23 September 2023

Ouija board

 Growing up in Northern Michigan it's a very beautiful place. But for those he don't know, the winters suck. So it's hard to do anything whenever it's between December-March so we'd have to find our own ways to entertain ourselves.

I remember one cold day I woke up and found out it was a snow day. I invited over my friends kenneth and rooster to hang out at my house. We played Playstation for a bit but the power went out. This was annoying to us as there wasn't much to do with the power out and going outside wasn't really much of an option.

We ended up raiding the board game closet and we found a Ouija board. We Decided to go to the basement and set up some candles. We went to the very back room of the basement which is just an empty room with nothing. We started off by asking if a spirit was in the room with us. It started to move a little.

After a few minutes my friend rooster asked how they died. Nothing. I asked when they died and nothing happened. We got board and went up stairs to play a different game. We were in the middle of simpsons monopoly when we heard a crash in the basement.

We went downstairs and the was a box knocked off the shelf containing some of my grandma's China that was left to my mother in her will.

I 100 percent believe this is paranormal. Thoughts?

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Wednesday 13 September 2023

Ghost soldier


So, my buddy was in Afghanistan around 09/10. He was on a small patrol of 10 guys up in the mountains. They were dropped off and began making their way deeper in, moving only at night to avoid detection. It was about dawn after their second night of marching they were ambushed. Out numbered they ran like hell back the way they came.

My friend was at the lead of the retreat where through the haze of dawn/night vision becoming ineffective he could see someone a head of him signalling at something on the ground and then ran off down the trail. He approached the point on the trail and noticed wires sticking out the ground, it was an IED. He got everyone to bypass around the device and they pressed on, all the while taking fire.

Again he say the guy out in front pointing at the trail and then moved on. He could see the guy was in tan coloured clothing and had an AK but not really his features. Once again at the indicated spot, an IED. The enemy must have known they were there from the beginning and planned to run them into the laid IEDs. This continued for several hours down the trail until they reached the extraction point. The patrol ran out onto an open plain and took defensive positions, the mystery helper moved up to a ridge and did the same.

The helicopters came in, Attack Helos let rip into the valley as, the Chinook came in to pick the patrol up. They started falling in and my friend waved to the mystery helper to join them. The patrol commander asked what he was doing, they had to leave. When he tried to explain and point out their helper he was gone. The patrol commander insisted there was NEVER anyone there at all.

Now this is were things get weird. A week or so later they went to attend  an elders meeting in a village not far from the Valley. My buddy was outside on guard and was talking with a local translator attached to the unit. They got on to telling the story to one of the men in the village, who started asking a lot of details. Once the meeting was over the man grabbed one of the elders and explained what my buddy told him.

The old man smiled and told them the tail of his Brother who during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan helped Americans to fight the Soviet forces. They went up the same valley and ended up in trouble. The

 old man's brother fought bravely and got everyone else away to safety at the cost of his own life, his body was never found and the locals say his spirit lives in the mountains helping those in need.

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Sunday 10 September 2023

Spirit in the night.

 In the early 90's I left the army and lived with a friend. He was a good guy who always loved a good joke. He was tall and thin with long hair (that's important). We moved into a one bedroom directly behind Houston's Hollywood Cemetary. He slept in the bedroom and I took the couch because I always got up before him for work.

About a month or so living there, I wake up to him standing over me in the dark. I assume he is trying to scare me and tell him, its late and he should go F-Off. Thes next morning I read him the riot act. "Don't bother me when Im sleeping. Jokes are fine but not when Im trying to sleep". He insists he didn't do anything and Im just delusional. It happens again a few nights later. Hes just standing there in the dark looking at me. I flip him off and turn over and go back to sleep. Next morning again I confront him and tell him I going to give him a sound thrashing if it happens again. He swears its not him and that Im having nightmares or something. A day or two later I wake up again to him standing there. Now Im pissed. I sit up and yell,"punk bitch didn't I tell you to stop fckin with me?" From the bedroom I hear his voice. "Sesh? what are you yelling about? Are you ok?". Without missing a beat I yell back, "Yea, but you in here...." As I trail off Kenny comes thru the bedroom door. We both are looking at a silhouette of a woman standing between us. We screamed like little school girls. the spirit or whatever she was just evaporated away as we watched and screamed.

We both sat up drinking coffee and talked about what happened. I skipped work and we talked until we fell asleep. That was the first time I knew I was not crazy or dreaming things up.

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Saturday 4 March 2023

Unknown Visitors

 Wife and I leave home around 5pm on a Saturday to go to dinner and movie. Always lock up when we leave. Live on a second floor. Windows locked and cannot access unless owning a large ladder. We come back home. At first, I didn't notice. Walked right past. Go to hang my coat by front door. Kitchen to my left. Every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen wide open. Think someone broke in. Door is steel with two deadbolts, set in a steel reinforced door frame, no window on the door. Only a peep hole. No windows unlocked. Nothing stolen. Nothing else unsettled. No ideas what happened. Never happened again.

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Saturday 3 December 2022

Hounds of the night!


Hounds of the night

The following story took place at my home. I think it was in 2007. It was around 2:00 a.m., and I was taking my dog out. I turned on my front porch light and walked out the front door of my home 50 feet to the strip of grass across my driveway. As I was watching my dog do his business I turned to the right, looking toward the road, and 40 feet away there were two large, lean dogs standing facing me. They were flanking the narrow part of the driveway that leads to the road, facing inward toward each other with their heads turned toward me. A streetlight on the road at the end of the driveway was shining 50 feet behind them. They stood still but they were moving (i.e. they were alive, not statuesque). As soon as I saw them my immediate reflex was to grab my dog and get inside quickly, which I did. I locked the door and ran upstairs to the window that overlooks the driveway and the whole area all the way out to the street, and they were gone.


These were very solid appearing apparitions. There was no difference in their appearance from living creatures, yet I am certain they were not real living dogs. I’ve never seen dogs like this. I’ll never forget them and can picture them even as I write this They were the size of Great Danes but with the lean bodies of greyhounds. There were no dogs even close to resembling these in my neighborhood, much less any that would be roaming free in the middle of the night and standing symmetrically at the foot of my driveway.

Attached is my depiction, although I would place the fronts of their bodies facing me more.

Submitted by John